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Crown Real Estate was created in 2014 by Crown Management Group - a management company specialized in developing investment projects for small and medium-sized investors funds – with the aim of administrating and managing investments in the real estate businesses. By means of a trust, it allows channeling small and medium-sized investors savings and participation in diversified investment portfolios which are eventually capitalized. The division is also composed of solid local partners who complete a team of experts in the technical areas of administration, finance, taxes, legal and commercialization.

Each series/project is composed of a group of investors, where each investor owns a share of the asset invested in, in proportion to his/her contribution. Unlike other kind of investments in financial assets, Crown Real Estate invests in real economy assets which are protected by the trust contract.

Our Team

We put at your disposal a team of experts with broad experience, at the local and international levels, in technical areas such as business management, finance, taxes, legal, investment and commercialization.

Crown Real Estate, a partner in your business.

Crown Real Estate transparently reports the costs for running each project through an itemized budget at the beginning of the fiscal year, and an annual year-end balance sheet. Our company’s profit is a percentage of the investor’s profits. If you win, we win.

Products and Projects

Business Model

The business model is based on products and services developed by Crown Real Estate in an integrated management offer characterized by the following:

  • 1

    FACILITATING ACCESS of small and medium-sized investors from the real estate sector or outside it, to real estate with a monthly income and/or high valuation potential and reduced risk.

  • 2

    REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PRODUCTS developing investment products, facilitating access of small and medium-sized investors to large-scale projects, and diversifying business risks.

  • 3

    REDUCING RISK of investments by facilitating access to a pool of real estate assets of different types and in different locations, with constant advice from our local professional experts.

  • 4

    TRANSPARENCY through the permanent access to visit the investment properties, and permanent communication with professionals.

Current product portfolio

Crown offers the trust instrument to channel savings from small and medium-sized investors towards their participation in diversified investment portfolios which are eventually capitalized.

Crown takes care of the management of the capital contributed by different groups of investors who are members of a sole trust and are grouped together by investment series which correspond to different projects: ready to rent apartments and houses, development of real estate projects, and/or purchase of lots, and others.

Each series/project is composed of a group of investors, where each investor owns a share of the asset invested in, in proportion to his/her contribution. Unlike other kind of investments in financial assets, Crown invests in real economy assets which are protected by the trust contract.

The investment system through trusts offers legal certainty, transparency and may be controlled by the investor through management reports, visits to the construction premises or places where the assets are located, and may be audited by gaining access to the account books of each series. It is governed by Act number 17,703 of Uruguay, and compared to other kind of legal structures, it prevents and protects assets from bankruptcy or reorganization proceedings of the person having the fiduciary possession of the assets.

The investor may leave at any time, by trading its participation in the secondary market his/her share with other investors from the series, or with new investors, thus recovering his/her contributions at the market value at that time.

No matter if the investor's aim is in the medium or long term, the base is the same: a savings system in real assets which favors a profitable and safe investment, professionally managed and in the hands of technical operators who know the best way to run productive projects.

Minimum investment: US$ 30,000 for a period of 3 - 5 years.
Typology: middle-income and low risk.



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Launch event

CROWN REAL ESTATE presented investment opportunities in Paraguay

With the participation of experts in the Paraguayan real estate sector, CROWN REAL ESTATE presented its new Management and Investment Trust. It is a new investment vehicle aimed at retailers, who may participate in real estate investment portfolios in such country.

The following Paraguayan experts, who will give professional advice to the firm, were at the event: Manuel Ferrerira Brusquetti, former Finance minister, Ricardo Avalos, director of Canopi, Enrique Peroni, president of Peroni Escribanos and Fabrizio Bibolini director of TEDEC, architecture and engineering company.

The experts pointed out the investment opportunities and attractive return rates currently offered by Paraguay, a country which in the last two years has gained strength to attract local and foreign investors, who have contributed over 500 million dollars to projects comprising office and residential buildings.

Manuel Ferrerira Brusquetti, highlighted the country's economic growth, its legal stability and its low taxes, known as "triple ten": Corporate income tax, individual income tax and value added tax all have a 10% flat rate.

Furthermore, he stated that in the last seven years 20% of Paraguay's population lift themselves out of poverty, thus leading to the development of new markets and new demands, among them, housing ones.

In this sense, Ricardo Avalos referred to the housing needs projected in the country. According to the expert, for year 2035 Paraguay will demand 100,000 houses in Asunción and 500,000 in the suburbs and metropolitan area.

Another aspect which contributes to the investment in real estate is the fact that nearly 75% of the population is under 35 years old, which means that it is within the economically active group who may acquire a house. As an example, advisors emphasized that the new commercial axis is focused on the double income sector, with young married couples with one or two kids who work in the north-east area of the city.

In this context, CROWN REAL ESTATE presented its new investment trust, which is a new tool aimed at small and medium-sized savers, a sector for which there are no other investment offers to invest in.

As Enrique Schickendantz, partner of the firm, stated, with this new tool investors may participate with capitals around U$S 30,000 or U$S 40,000 in a sole trust which will generate independent investment portfolios including the construction and development of endeavors, as well as real estate assets already developed.

Unlike investments in financial sector, the firm will invest in real economy assets which are protected by the trust contract.

In this way, Crown intends to offer constant and customized advice to contribute to the growth of the investment of each client.


Ofrecen a minoristas invertir en bienes raíces paraguayos.

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Ofrecen a minoristas invertir en bienes raíces paraguayos

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Uruguayos tomando tereré: boom de inversiones en bienes raíces en Paraguay


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La realidad económica en Paraguay

Radio Carve

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Más oportunidades

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CROWN Real ESTATE presentó oportunidades de inversión en Paraguay para minoristas

Net Uruguay

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Speakers' presentations

Enrique Peroni

Fabrizio Bibolini

Manuel Ferreira

Enrique Schickendantz

Ricardo Avalos Parte

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